On July 11, more than 100 residents, elected officials and community leaders came together to celebrate the announcement by Mayor Marty Walsh of the creation of the first urban farm in Boston allowed under the City’s new “Article 89” farming rules.  The announcement was made during a community-wide groundbreaking ceremony presided over by Mayor Walsh at the formerly city-owned parcel at 225 Harold Street in Roxbury.

Investments in Neighborhood Change 

Throughout our thirty year history, partnerships with neighborhood residents and community institutions have been foundational to our successes. Therefore, we are very excited to introduce our newly launched Investments in Neighborhood Change grant program, an innovative outgrowth of the Boston Promise Initiative (BPI) which offers financial support and organizational cooperation to qualifying nonprofits dedicated to serving children who live or attend school in the Dudley Village Campus -- a neighborhood in Boston centered between Grove Hall, Upham's Corner, and Dudley Square and surrounding parts of the Blue Hill Avenue and Fairmount Corridors. 
For the last year and a half, we have been focused on developing strong schools, strong families, and strong communities within the Dudley Village Campus.

Grow With Us, As We Grow in Life 

Written by Jaimorry Carter & Derrikka Gillenwater

In December, 9 youth came together to work at DSNI as Youth Community Organizers.  We worked together to create one big mission- to create change in the Dudley area.  To do this, we first had to

·      get to know each other,

·      then get to know our neighborhood,

·      then get to know the residents and what they wanted in the community and

·      finally share what we found with everyone.

We decided the best vehicle to collect information was an online tool called Community PlanIt and the best way to share what we learned was through video.

On May 30th, residents in the Dudley area will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dudley Neighbors, Inc. community land trust (DNI), commemorating the hard work of a quarter-century, and also looking forward to replicating this model of community-controlled land across Greater Boston and beyond.

Strengthening Local Businesses 

Small business owners along Dudley Street and Blue Hill Ave have come together in an effort to create a stronger commercial destination in the Dudley Triangle area. Although the City of Boston has not identified the area between Uphams Corner and Dudley Square as a Main Street district there are 28 businesses in this stretch that do not belong to the districts on either end. Without belonging to a Main Streets district business owners are not connected to the free programs offered by the City to support merchants. However, as a result of the business owners coming together and working with DSNI and new staff at the Office of Business Development, local businesses are starting to take advantage of the resources to strengthen their businesses.

Getting Ready for Pre-K 

Summertime sure is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and the renewal of energy that the good weather brings.  It is also a great opportunity to get involved in fun social and learning activities with your child to help him or her get ready for kindergarten.  Socio-emotional readiness is one of the keys to a smoother transition going into school.  Talking, reading and playing with children in the early years helps them thrive and puts them on the path for school success.  The following definition from Thrive in 5 aligns with the Massachusetts definition of school readiness:

-the ability to communicate wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings

-physical wellbeing, including being physically healthy, safe, well-rested and well-nourished, and with appropriate motor development

-emotional well being as well as an enthusiasm and a curiosity for learning